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Often people think rehabilitation centers are only meant for drug addicts or alcoholics. But the fact is a rehab center can offer a lot of other services too. For instance, it can offer a help to a patient who just had a surgery and might require a rehab center during the recovery process. This can speed up the recovery of a patient.A patient might require staying in the rehab center or might be visiting the rehab center for their sessions, depending on the severity of the condition of the patient.

A rehab center provides different types of therapies for addressing certain issues. These are physical therapy, occupational therapy, drug and Alcohol rehab centers and information - Rehab Finder therapy, speech therapy, recreational therapy, vocational therapy, respiratory therapy and cognitive or psychological therapy. All these therapies are aimed to help a person who is going through some illness or suffered some injuries or may be had a surgery recently. These therapies can help a patient to become independent and live a life of better quality. Usually, such therapies are continued till the patient is completely recovered.

Occupational Therapy



Types of Therapies


Physical therapy deals with any kind of physical weakness that the patient is suffering from post-surgery. They help to strengthen people so that they can move or walk on their own, especially those people who had a knee replacement or a hip surgery.In fact, for most of the major surgeries, a patient is immobilized and as a result, they lack strength. Hence, physical therapy can help them to go back home. Such therapies also include gait training, balancing and coordination. Occupational therapy focuses on the requirements of the patient so that they can perform the household activities and other daily tasks. For example, if a patient’s right hand is too weak then with the help of occupational therapy, he will learn to adapt the ways to use the same right hand for the daily chores.

It will not only help to rebuild the deficits but also they figure out the devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, artificial limbs etc., which can help a person to continue with his work. So the therapist will help the patient to adapt to such devices so that they become more independent in performing their own work. Drug and alcohol therapy deals with people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs and help them to come out of substance abuse.They are given proper counseling and support so that they can get rid of their temptationsand learn to live a life without any addictions. You will find both traditional and holistic approach of recovery process in case of such addictions. Speech therapy is often necessary for people who had a brain injury or stroke. This type of therapy helps one to improve his voice and speech skills.

Respiratory therapies are done to reduce any respiratory distress. In such cases, patients are helped to use oxygen tanks and inhalers properly.A patient might require it if he had a major surgery. Vocational and recreational serves almost the same purpose. Usually, people with some mental illness or some physical disability require such therapies.Psychiatrists and psychologists also contribute to the recreational therapies. Patients are helped to learn the socializing skills so that they can be fit to co-exist with others in a community. If somebody becomes disable due to some mishap and unable to continue their previous job, then such people are given vocational rehabilitation so that can become capable enough to do some job. For such treatments, imaging diagnostics are used which can be helpful in treating these conditions.

If somebody suffers from a severe head injury or maybe suffering from some neurological condition which prevents his reasoning and thinking ability or may be memory skills then cognitive or psychological rehabilitation is the solution to it.Such therapies deal with various mental exercises and memory skills.This type of therapy can be time taking depending on how severe is the condition. Also, it depends on how well the patient is able to respond or adapt to the treatment provided. Also, it includes swallowing through mouth, thinking skills and throat exercises. Usually, problem with mouth or throat can be responsible for one’s lack of clear speech and it can also hamper swallow. This therapy demands a lot of coordination since it deals with oral muscles.



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